An opinion on water and violence, check it out!!

Jack Pappas

Hello, my name is Jack Pappas and I am here today to help explain to you why water can create violence. You might be asking yourself how water could create violence. Technically it doesn’t. But the people who need water do. Allow me to explain.

Have you ever thought about how easy it is for us to get water? We just turn on the faucet and we instantly have fresh, clean water. This is thanks to our technology like dams that allow us to pump water directly to our homes 24/7. Dams of course cost a lot of money and the Grande Coulee in particular would have cost about 3 billion dollars if it were built today.

The people of sub-Saharan Africa, parts of India and the Middle East, have much less money and availability to water. For most of them, they must travel several miles to a water source…

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