Throwing Water

Shinichi Maruyama is a Japanese artist who only uses the medium of water for his incredibly unique photography. He calls them “water sculptures.” His inspiration comes from his Japanese culture where finding the beauty in the imperfect is beauty in itself.

His photographs have appeared in some of the most prestegious galleries in the world and when asked how he creates his pieces he responds simply, “with my hands and glasses of water.” Art is difficult to explain and given the subjectivity of whether one is preferred or not is dependent upon no other than, well you. I find his work to be overtly simplistic, and giving the fact that this solution is extremely complex the dichotomy leaves me amazed.

“No matter how many times I repeat the same process of throwing [it] in the air, I never achieve the same result. And I am so fascinated by this unexpected interaction of liquids colliding, which happens fairly infrequently, that I am overwhelmed by its beauty.” –Maruyama 2009

Enjoy!! ❤ Monique