About Us

It all began on a long van ride in the Philippines after finishing an elementary school construction project at a barangay outside of Calbayog. We were both volunteering for the summer on a humanitarian mission as water quality engineers. We started thinking of all the various projects that have failed within the field and what the causes were. We discussed why certain international development projects are unsuccessful and became aggravated because most of the reasons had very simple solutions. We kept saying, “I would never let that happen.” With this passion we daydreamed about all the projects we wanted to participate in and how we could make a positive impact. And, the idea of Tubig, meaning water in Tagalog, was born.

We are both very busy women, Monique is a graduate student in two Master’s programs with two jobs at her university in Hawaii and Ariel just landed a project management position in D.C. for a non-profit. So how could we both keep motivated and make a contribution with what little time we have left? THIS IS IT!

This blog is going to show both of our personalities: Ariel is technical and loves all the latest engineering innovations; Monique combines culture and community into engineering with an artsy twist. The objective of this blog is to try to shrink all of the amazing projects, inspirations, lessons, and goals people have and are doing all around the world either from an environmental engineering firm’s perspective in Portland to the humanitarian worker making clay filters in Africa. It’s a one stop blog of what is goin’ on in the world of WATER!